Heritage in Schools bookings open for 2019

Heritage in Schools bookings are now open for 2019.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for queries regarding workshop content and date availability! I can deliver once-off workshops or develop a series of linked visits to suit your needs. All content is linked to the SESE curriculum.

Workshops can take place within your school grounds or as an outing to a forest, natural place or park.

Examples of themes that can be covered through games and challenges this season include:

  • Seasonality: What is happening in our local environment?
  • Connections: people and their environment, then and now.
  • Exploring native animal behaviours, recognising their importance and how we can help by providing habitats.
  • Pollinators and us – why we need them and how we can help them
  • Workshops supporting your work towards your biodiversity green flag.

Don’t forget, if you book 4 visits with the same expert, you get the 5th free! A series of 5 visits to a forest/natural place are ideal for developing children’s relationship with nature in a more in-depth way, as well as building their confidence in the outdoor environment.

For booking and details about the scheme click here 


“The feedback from children at all class levels was fantastic. The week of workshops generated a whole school interest in pollinators and nature study and a gardening group project was set up to grow flowers and vegetables.”

“We really enjoyed Barbara’s workshop. She has an excellent rapport with the children and her style of education is fun engaging and meaningful”

“The children had a wonderful week exploring nature and the environment.”

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